Testimonial:        Successful Treatment of Post Surgery Recovery
I have done a variety of treatments including Ion Cleansing, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Photon Sound Beam as well as the Far Infrared Sauna. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them as they have made me feel lighter, more mentally clear and less bogged down.  I was diagnosed with a number of disorders when I was younger and was prescribed numerous medications for which they still continued to linger in my system even after I had stopped them.

After the first ion cleanse I really felt as though the majority of toxins had come out and my body was effectively detoxifying itself. I had tried food diets and numerous other detox techniques in the past but this was by far the most powerful. I felt energetic and refreshed when the session was over.

The treatments that O2Plus offers are probably one of the most important things you can do for your health whether it be detoxing your body from years of toxins and chemicals, purifying the skin so that it gives off its natural glow or giving your body a supply of high quality, medical grade oxygen that is vital in ones healing.

I was very much impressed with the 6 sessions I did of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy as were my doctors.  I was going in for upper jaw surgery so I wanted to make sure I healed fast and diminished any chance of infection.  I did 3 sessions before and 3 sessions after the surgery. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy regulated my blood flow during the surgery so that I hardly lost any blood.  Not only did I heal faster than I thought and recovered very fast afterwards, but the surgeon told me that he had not seen a person heal so rapidly and well after doing this kind of surgery.

Thank you for the great services that you offer. I will definitely be back!


~ Dorian O - Surrey, BC

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