Testimonial:      Successful Treatment of Osteomyelitis & Soft Tissue Infection with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)



Diagnosed with type II diabetes 16 years ago at age 27, Eric G. of Abbotsford, BC Canada, now 43 years of age didnít imagine the complications that were to come causing him the loss of one toe, possibly his entire foot, and his livelihood.


An entrepreneur, Eric made his living owning/operating a painting business.  As a husband and father of five children, Eric was always hard at work growing his business and providing for his family.


The Bad News

In early 2000 some neuropathy began to develop in the left leg from the knee down and continued into Ericís foot and toes.  Other than the neuropathy nothing came of this until 2007 when Eric developed blisters from his work boots.


The blisters over the course of two months became raw, swollen and badly infected.  Soon the soft tissue infection moved to include the bone and a full blown case of Osteomyelitis was diagnosed.


Unfortunately, the second toe was too far gone, considered gangrenous and had to be removed in August 2007.  After a short stay in the hospital, a course of antibiotics and ten days of bed rest, Eric was on the mend and the foot was healing. 


The Bad News Gets Worse

The beginning of October 2007, brought with it more bad news when the third toe began to show signs of infection.  At this time Eric struggled for 3-4 weeks to continue to work and walk but his family was worried for him.


In November 2007, the surgeon advised Eric that his third toe should be removed and possibly some of the bones on the top of the foot as well.  Furthermore if the surgery didnít happen quickly, the entire foot may have to be amputated.


Another week long stay in the hospital followed and brought with it a series of antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medication but Eric was determined to do all he could in order to save his foot.  Thankfully a friend suggested that he give hyperbaric oxygen therapy a try.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Ė Successful Treatment

Mid November 2007 Eric came to O2Plus Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic in White Rock, BC and began a series of five 90 minute hyperbaric treatments each week.  After only 4 or 5 treatments Eric started to notice a considerable difference.  The inflammation that had been plaguing him since August was beginning to go away and the pain was also measurably less.


By the time Eric had undergone 15 to 20 treatments the inflammation was gone completely and after 40 sessions the redness and the infection were nearly gone as well.


Now after 50 sessions, the threat of amputation is gone and Eric is back at work fulltime.  He has the ability to walk without pain and has just taken up bike riding to stay fit and healthy.  Eric now comes to O2Plus once per week for maintenance and to prevent any future complications.



Eric G - Abbotsford, BC

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