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Successful Treatment of Osteomyelitis & Soft Tissue Infection with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)


Diagnosed with type II diabetes 16 years ago at age 27, Eric G. of Abbotsford, BC Canada, now 43 years of age didn’t imagine the complications that were to come causing him the loss of one toe, possibly his entire foot, and his livelihood. Read More
Pre and Post Surgery Recovery
I was very much impressed with the 6 sessions I did of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy – as were my doctors.  I was going in for upper jaw surgery so I wanted to make sure I healed fast and diminished any chance of infection.  I did 3 sessions before and 3 sessions after the surgery. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy regulated my blood flow during the surgery so that I hardly lost any blood. Read More
Lyme Disease HBOT Testimonial
WOW…Where do we start…??? Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
NOV 2008- We thought my husband was dying...We were an absolute mess. After 7 years of being misdiagnosed over and over again.... Gout, RA, hyperthyroid and not getting any better.  Read More

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